In the first and second quarter of 2017 PROMEDICAL is excited to attend the following Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) events:

January 19–20: HFMA Massachusetts & RI Annual Revenue Cycle Conference in Foxboro, MA

January 22-24: HFMA Louisiana Winter Institute 2017 in Baton Rouge, LA

January 25-27: HFMA Florida Mid-Winter Payor/Provider Conference in Orlando, FL

March 9–10: HFMA Metro New York Joseph A. Levi Annual Institute in New York, NY

March 21–24: HFMA Region 5 Dixie Institute in Savannah, GA

April 6: HFMA Hudson Valley Annual Institute in Tarrytown, NY

April 19-21: HFMA Mississippi Annual Institute in Biloxi, MS

April 30-May 2: HFMA Louisiana Annual Institute in Lafayette, LA

May 21-24: HFMA Florida Annual Spring Conference in St. Petersburg, FL

June 1-2: HFMA Alabama Annual Institute in Birmingham, AL

July 26-28: HFMA Georgia Summer Institute in Jekyll Island, GA

August 16-17: HFMA Mississippi Summer Workshop in Philadelphia, MS

August 27-29: HFMA Louisiana Summer Institute in Shreveport, LA

September 24-27: HFMA Alabama Fall Institute in Destin, FL

September 27-29: HFMA Florida Fall Institute in Delray Beach, FL