PROMEDICAL is a national healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) company, providing the healthcare community with a client-focused, technology-driven, revenue cycle partner since 1995. Our third-party liability solutions are workers’ compensation and motor vehicle accident billing.

Service Delivery Components:

Information Technology Services

PROMEDICAL offers clients several options to facilitate the file-exchange process. The methods that are most widely used are: Client Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), Virtual Private Network (VPN) and PROMEDICAL Secure File Transfer Protocol:

  • Client SFTP – Securely access, transfer, and manage files directly imported into our secure RCM system by our import team.
  • VPN – Allows us to securely pull the medical bills and notes directly from the hospitals system or a shared network drive.
  • PROMEDICAL SFTP – Securely upload files of any format via the PROMEDICAL website onto one of our servers. From there, it is imported directly into our secure system by our import team.

Data Capture

PROMEDICAL has designed a unique strategy for patient data capture that begins with training hospital registration staff on data elements that are most relevant to workers’ compensation and motor vehicle accident billing. Continued education via WebEx or in-person training is provided for hospital employees.

Additionally, PROMEDICAL will provide Registration Cards that patients can properly inform PROMEDICAL of accident data for the claim, making it a simple and seamless conversation. Patients may call, email or input their information directly into our secure patient portal.

The patient portal feature makes communication between the patient and PROMEDICAL even easier, giving patients a streamlined option for delivering information. This process expedites the flow of information to PROMEDICAL and the submission of the clean claim. With the patient portal, patients can easily:

  • Review frequently asked questions (in multiple languages) for better understanding of the process
  • Read and understand the required form also provided in multiple languages
  • Submit the required information in a secure, HIPAA-compliant portal 24 hours a day when it is most convenient for the patient

PROMEDICAL has the ability to flag a patient’s account with the preferred language spoken, which allows the claim representative to have a HIPAA-compliant interpreter service ready before calling the patient. Our staff members also speak various languages, providing yet another beneficial feature that facilitates a better patient experience.


Our claims validation specialists analyze placements after they are imported into the system, using various tools and services to gather the necessary data to create a streamlined clean claims process. Other essential services provided by PROMEDICAL include clean claims submission, claims follow-up, closing processes, weekly close reports, document processing, health information management and electronic medical record management.

Client Services

PROMEDICAL’s Revenue Cycle Services Department serves as a partner to our clients and integrates policies, procedures and work requirements across both organizations. Some core tasks our Revenue Cycle Services Department handle include:

  • Conducting monthly performance meetings and/or conference calls
  • Overseeing the reporting package, ad-hoc reports and reconciliations
  • Resolving the latest and most pertinent client issues
  • Informing clients of industry changes as they occur

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For more information on PROMEDICAL’s superior revenue cycle management services, contact us at 800-722-1555 or You can also follow us on Twitter (@ProMedical_LLC) and find us on LinkedIn.

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