The 4 core benefits of working with an RCM provider

Just as doctors and nurses specialize in care, your RCM should be handled by professionals well versed in the industry.

Much like doctors and nurses specialize in care, your RCM should be handled by professionals well versed in the system.
August 21, 2018

In the healthcare sector, revenue cycle management is an extremely important task to handle – and do so in a cost- and energy-efficient manner. Ensuring you make clean claims while also saving time, money and efforts that can be used towards caring for more patients is vital for all hospitals today. Just as doctors and nurses specialize in care, your RCM needs should be taken care of by professionals well-versed in the industry.

With that in mind, here are the four core benefits of working with an RCM provider:

1. A streamlined process
One of the top advantages of utilizing a RCM partner is the streamlined process that comes with it. The days of attempting to manage all revenue cycle tasks can be over and a RCM company will ensure smooth, streamlined process.

2. Increased efficiency
As stated by Customer Think, healthcare leaders rely on a steady workflow, security and stability to make the best use of their valuable time and resources. Without an RCM provider, executives and decision-makers at these facilities may find it more difficult to manage time wisely and ensure quality productivity on a daily basis. Working with a revenue cycle management company introduces your facility to customized processes by financial class, in turn allowing your staff members to decrease the time spent organizing billing and collecting payments and focus on other areas of your accounts receivable instead.

revenue cycle management The pros of outsourcing your revenue cycle management are many.

"Healthcare leaders rely on a steady workflow, security and stability."

3. Reduced operating costs
Your revenue cycle management system should be generating cash flow for your facility, plain and simple. With a third-party RCM provider, you can enhance cash flow all while reducing operating costs. In fact, according to the Advanced Data Systems Corporation, outsourcing your medical billing department can amount to as much as a 30 percent revenue boost. Engaging an RCM company who uses quality, reliable technology means more money for your facility and less money spent taking care of the tasks in-house.

4. An improved patient experience
Your patients expect your doctors, nurses and hospital staff to be well educated and fully equipped to provide care. They expect the same from your billing department. By hiring an RCM provider, you can rely on a group of experts to not only provide a superior patient experience but also work with the payer community to expedite resolutions. A revenue cycle management company should always work to enhance the hospital's brand.

Don't put the pressure of taking care of revenue cycle management on the shoulders of your hospital staff workers. Instead, work with PROMEDICAL for your RCM services. Since 1995, PROMEDICAL has provided the healthcare community with a client-focused, technology-driven revenue cycle partner. By working with us, you can help your facility prioritize proper reimbursement methods to ensure timely resolutions and increased cash flow.

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