How smart claims processing will transform claims handling

Using smart revenue management systems leads organizations to more efficient processing.

Smart use of data will fuel healthcare revenue cycle changes.
August 30, 2016

In 2016, healthcare vendors need the most efficient claims processing systems out there. By now, flexible, web-focused methods for important claims tasks are clearly the industry's path forward, and will play a major role in bridging the gap between patients and providers. A fast, digital claims method makes a direct link from implementation to delivery for workers' compensation and motor vehicle billing alike.

Now is the time to invest in better revenue cycle management, with a focus on detail-driven, well-facilitated collection that breaks down barriers. Despite the growing pains involved with adopting any new technology, there are a couple of areas where smarter systems have already improved claims processing online.

Direct accessibility
With each new convenience, the future of healthcare looks more integrated. Data analytics harvests insights from seemingly unrelated details for fuller results. To make this innovation worthwhile, however, there needs to be a distinct pipeline between entities.

"Data analytics harvests insight from seemingly unrelated details."

Online healthcare portals are already addressing this need, providing direct communication through smart devices like phones and tablets. By bringing necessary information together in a simple, accessible source, these solutions set the stage for clean claims assembly.

Shorter cycles
Proper collection from the outset can reduce the amount of work hospitals have to do later if the claim is resubmitted, according to Gary Marlow, Vice President of Finance at Beverly Hospital and Addison Gilbert Hospital.

"From a revenue cycle perspective, getting the most accurate information up front starts with patient scheduling and patient registration," Marlow told RevCycleIntelligence in 2015. "That provides the groundwork by which claims can be billed and collected in the most efficient and effective manner possible."

The way information enters the claims process can impact how it gets managed. If technology, like artificial intelligence, is present at the beginning and guides the claims throughout, there's a consistent system handling the information the process to meet best practices.

PROMEDICAL's benefits
With our secure, efficient and comprehensive system, PROMEDICAL is staying ahead of the game. We're doing that by developing the following features:

  • Communication: Users can choose from multiple languages with our online offerings. This allows you to customize your system to better reach patient populations and keep claims moving faster.
  • Customization: If our proprietary options aren't currently meeting your needs, we can change them to do so based on feedback. Adapt to state fee schedules or language demands on a case by case basis. 
  • Encryption: A must for secure file exchange, PROMEDICAL ensures a secure file transfer process. Our process protects backup data equally strong as primary data, for efficient security across the board.
  • Planning: Organizations also benefit when a set deadline is involved, putting clear limits on when submissions are set for review. Processing records requests within a preordained period of days helps managers know what to expect, and regular reports set up clear overviews of important statistics.

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