New advances facing worker’s compensation claims

Worker’s compensation processes will likely change as new technology presents itself.

Digital advances are already affecting workers' compensation processes.
August 30, 2016

According to some, the worker's compensation claim process is in need of a change. Like many other new revolutions, that change seems to be coming courtesy of technology. The true benefits, though, will only arise from a merge of new hardware and informed expertise behind it. Vendors should consider the double advantages of combining these two factors for consistent management.

These advances are poised to alter the compensation claims pipeline. With these changes, vendors could see standards for fast service rise and incentives for better management grow. PROMEDICAL is part of the new trend toward billing with an emphasis on best practices for the company.

Wearable devices
Imagine a compensation claim that begins with a call from a worker's wrist. Or an employee using the same device to track an ongoing condition for insurance purposes. With advances in wearable technology, this is closer than some realize. Taking advantage of the new technology available will create a clear line between the incident itself and the medical partners that have to be a party to each transaction.

In a way, the industry has already reached this point. PROMEDICAL's mobile-friendly solutions are just a smartphone tap away for users, and that's a process that could only become more streamlined as newer devices become more available.

The basic principle seems to be similar: Put web portal access in a user's hands, and keep the connection strong from there. Always-on technology brings the additional chance to cut out unnecessary complexity and get a real-time reading from each patient.

A "blue button"
Health insurers are familiar with the concept of the "blue button," a single way to engage with health benefits online through a portal or other streamlined access point. It's a nexus point that theoretically brings all of the facets of electronic health into a single gateway.

"PROMEDICAL's mobile-friendly solutions are just a smartphone tap away for users."

Thomas Lynch of consultancy Lynch Ryan spoke about this in an Insurance Journal article from 2014. He mentioned that the "blue button" idea had not made its way to the Property & Casualty insurance industry as of then.

"Even now, today, the usual way is that when you have a claim, you'll go online and file a report online or you'll make a phone call," he said. "Why couldn't you take out your smartphone, have a voice activated app that could allow you to report directly into your carrier's system which would, in real time, display for a claims adjuster?"

Having the staff and the systems to deliver better claims workflow will double the resources businesses have for themselves. 

Time to evolve
Now, the workers compensation claims process has the chance to move forward. Contact PROMEDICAL to learn more about our efficiency-focused methods for embracing new changes.