Workers’ compensations claims can be very complex. PROMEDICAL, one of the leading revenue cycle management (RCM) firms in the nation, will make the tasks simple and seamless for you.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing to PROMEDICAL include:

  • Managed claims from inception to resolution
  • Leveraging our long-standing relationships in the payer community
  • Accelerating your workers’ compensation cash through our billing system
  • Targeting erroneous PPOs through our experienced staff members
  • Re-pricing claims pursuant to fee schedule or contract
  • Challenging misapplied fee schedules
  • Pursuing underpayments
  • Maximize reimbursement in usual and customary methodology states

At PROMEDICAL, we are committed to providing customized, attentive client service by using the latest innovative technology to produce the most positive results for your workers’ compensation claims..

What sets PROMEDICAL apart from other RCM companies?


When you outsource billing to us, you are ensured clean claims and faster resolutions.

  • Client registration training – We offer continuing education for new and existing hospital registration employees on how to work with patients who have been injured while at work.
  • Claims validation process – We provide a knowledgeable, experienced claims validation specialist to assist with the clean claims process.
  • Automated EMR process – Our medical record analysts retrieve, review and redact medical records within a matter of hours.

Patient Experience

To ensure your workers’ compensation patients have a excellent experience, we prioritize patient-friendly communication by offering the following features:

  • Language matching to patient population – PROMEDICAL can flag a patient’s account based on preferred language spoken so that the Claim Representative can have a HIPAA-compliant interpreter that can join a live call and support the patient.
  • Patient registration cards – Registration cards are provided to patients. These cards outline the multiple channels they have to reach PROMEDICAL.
  • Custom patient portal – Patients can provide accident information through our secure patient portal at any time of the day in their preferred language.


Our automation and expertise drive cost-effective and -efficient outcomes for our clients, ensuring your patients have a positive experience. Our services include:

  • Proprietary software built for workers’ compensation accident billing
  • Rule-based workflow logic
  • Comprehensive payer databases
  • Underpayment detection system
  • Automatic appeals
  • Industry-specific databases
  • Highly experienced workforce


The value of PROMEDICAL is our superior speed of recovery, an outstanding patient and client experience, and achieving maximum reimbursement for every claim. This is demonstrated by our long-standing client relationships, industry partnerships, commitment to patients and industry-defining results.

Through a partnership with PROMEDICAL, your hospital/health system may leverage our technology and expertise to ensure proper reimbursement, timely resolutions, increased cash flow and a superior patient experience, all while giving your staff more time to dedicate to other important responsibilities.